free people: yoga for runners pt. 2

free people: Yoga for runners pt. 1


"Chances are, we have all experienced a traumatic event in our lives. I consider trauma to be anything that we are not equipped to process or digest that distresses or disturbs our system. Trauma can leave our bodies and minds feeling unbalanced and unsafe. After experiencing a traumatic event, the amygdala in the brain goes into overdrive — anticipating danger even when there is no threat. This sympathetic nervous system response can create fear, anxiety and a general sense of feeling unbalanced. Yoga offers a practice that can assist with re-calibrating your nervous system so you can feel safe in your body in an authentic, accessible way. I have experienced the healing capacity of yoga and meditation first-hand and wanted to share some of this with you!"

Source: Yoga to Support Healing from Trauma

FREE PEOPLE : YOGA to detox from the office

"Postures to get moving after a long day of sitting at a desk."

The ritual reboot series

"My goal in life is to make these daily actions accessible and help others include them in their lives so that they can step into being their most brilliant, radiant selves. For me, I like to look at my day in a series of rituals that revolve around Nourishment, Challenge and Recharge+Reflect."

On Thursday, January 21st, top wellness experts gathered at LOVE Yoga studio in Venice, CA for a special afternoon devoted to a discussion regarding the importance of self-care to our wellbeing.


"I was breathing, moving and reflecting on emotions that I may have otherwise bottled up inside. I felt lighter, I was able to digest my thoughts more clearly and I was choosing to consume foods, thoughts and experiences that made me feel grounded, empowered and nourished."


"For me, the practice part of yoga, the reason you keep coming back to your mat is to see if you can sit a little more still. To see if your breath can get a little deeper. To see if you can see yourself as you are and greet yourself with kindness. The practice isn’t for the flexibility or the muscles or the obsession of getting to class everyday or you feel like less of a ‘yogi’. Let’s just take the pressure off. Can you be a nice human?"