It was love at first stretch.

*I am currently spending my time teaching in Dallas and Austin. If you're curious about what I have coming up, just drop me a line!*

I found yoga 10 years ago when I decided to pop into a class near my neighborhood. 

After class, it wasn't just my muscles that were tired- my brain felt like it had been wrung out. Do you know what I mean? I felt like I went inside my mind and Windexed the windows. Things felt clearer, lighter even. This feeling perplexed me and needless to say I kept returning to the class to get more of that mental "lightness".

In my youth, I experienced a great deal of trauma. I began to realize that the physical yoga postures- the way that I was moving my body and using my breath was literally opening up crevasses of unresolved emotion. In addition to this- the moments of stillness that I experienced were enabling me to think more clearly, react in a balanced way and overcome negative thoughts. This was the beginning of my healing journey with yoga and meditation. 

Through the practice of yoga and meditation, I began to reflect on the inner workings of my mind. I addressed questions like "who am I?" I started to strengthen the muscle of my mind so that I could focus my energy on the things that mattered. I practiced stillness so that I could train my mind to recognize impulses and I asked myself what I could let go of and what I wanted to gain in exchange. This is the process that I personally work with and teach others to use to this day.

When we can take this self love and awareness and translate this into kindness in our thoughts both towards ourselves and towards others, when we can add sweetness to our words and embody gentleness in our actions- here's where the movement of the postures turns into something much bigger. We can heal. We can grow. We can let go of the things that are keeping us from our true nature. When practiced on the regular, this kindness, gentleness, sweetness and love become you...and i'd say that's my teaching inspiration and style in a nutshell. Can you dig in deeper so that you can love bigger?

where I have studied.

Initially, I traveled to India to study a yoga that has a deep, rich lineage of Swamis who have had the teaching passed down to them from the source. During my time in India, I lived and studied Sivananda Yoga, under my teacher, Swami Govindananda. I studied the ancient texts, I practiced the ritual of fire ceremonies, chanting and meditation. I examined the postures- both the alignment as well as the physical and mental benefits. I also studied Ayurveda. This experience illuminated the rich and humble side of this powerful practice of yoga + meditation and truly helped to craft my style as a teacher. Upon my return and for years that have followed, I have studied several other styles of yoga, including the CorePower method, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow training with Seane Corn. I have studied Mindfulness at UCLA through the Mindful Awareness Research Center and I am currently a Research Assistant in the NeuroPsychometric Research Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas where we are researching mindfulness practices and its influence on the brain under specific inductions.

 One of the most notable areas of study in my career has been my work with the Integrative Restoration Institute, studying the iRest technique for meditation. Through my work with iRest and my focus on neuroplasticity of the brain, I have a particular interest in assisting others in applying meditation to address post traumatic stress, depression and to generally cultivate a more joyful life. You can learn more about what I do with iRest here.  I am constantly seeking opportunities to be the student, because for me, this keeps me inspired as a teacher. 

I credit the culmination of these experiences to my style as a teacher. I work to weave the ritual and rigidity of my eastern yogic studies with the reflection and palatability of my western studies.

I want this practice to awaken you to the magic that lives within you.

My goal is to create a safe place for this practice to inspire you to dust off everything that might be dulling your own brilliance. So that you can return to your source, your true nature, again and again again. The purest, the simplest the biggest embodiment of LOVE. 

Dig in deeper so that you can love bigger. #DOYOGACREATELOVE