How I Cleared My Adult Acne; Phase 1: The Changes by Ryann Hanes

I have been plagued with adult acne ever since (my skin was even a little unpredictable before this) my ectopic pregnancy 2.5 years ago- I am not sure exactly how this spawned it, but with the hormonal shift, my skin legit freaked out and I literally couldn't get it under control. In fact, it only intensified. Today on my blog, I am sharing the first steps I took to clear my acne. My next post will feature the products that changed my skin for the better. I hope that this helps even one person to find the clear skin they deserve. This post isn't sponsored and I am under no obligation to share any of this! This is truly just what worked for me!…/how-i-cleared-my-adult-acne-phas…

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Gratitude Centering

This image kicks off my series of "Wellness Rituals That Will Change Your Day". I wanted to share some of my rituals that I attribute to my wellness in life. Check back here, or on Instagram (@Ryannyoga) to find the latest posts.  

Gratitude Centering

I like to start each morning with a few moments of reflection on the things that I am grateful for. When you change your ritual and focus on what you love, you can create more of that in your life. So go ahead, list three things each morning that bring you peace, make you happy and/or make you feel loved. 

According to Robert Emmons, the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude, this practice of reflecting on gratitude, can have a profound effect on your your psychological and physical well being. "Grateful people are more stress resistant, they are able to stay in the present and they have higher levels of positive emotion." You can learn more at