Mindfulness Series; Part 1 / by Ryann Hanes


It is so easy to get swept up in the chatter of our day, our routine, the people around us and probably most notably: the chatter of our own minds. Mindfulness separates our being, spirit and Self from this chatter.

Paying attention to the present moment that you are sitting in right now with awareness of where you are in space and time. 

For me, mindfulness is becoming aware of all emotions, uprising feelings and thoughts but with a distance of understanding that I am not those thoughts and that they are just transmuting through my airwaves. 

My spirit exists independently of my thoughts, my brain, learned intelligence, physical functions of my body etc. Our bodies are a capsule that hold all of the ecosystems together.  It's like our existence is a snow globe. The body is the actual structure of the snow globe that keeps the water and snow floating inside. Our spirit and sense of Self is the water- it fills the snow globe and is only housed there for that time because the globe encapsulates it. Everything else- the thoughts about what's for dinner, anxiety, the obsessive ideas about what you should and shouldn't do, the 1 million thoughts you have in a day sometimes judging yourself or even praising yourself, everything that your feel like you can't control- these are all little flutters of snow. Sometimes it is endless snow going on up in our minds and it seems like it will never settle. 

You settle the flurry of thoughts by stilling the water. 

You can calm the water at any point with a mindfulness practice. 

How to Practice Mindfulness:

  • Pause what your are doing
  • Take a breath
  • Notice your Self in the moment. (notice your feet on ground, notice the breeze, notice the sounds around you, observe any emotions that you feel, observe your current thought in your mind.)
  • Acknowledge that this is all occurring externally of your spirit and higher Self.
  • Proceed with this heightened awareness. 

Once you realize you can settle the thoughts with these steps then you can begin to curate how you feel. This is hugely empowering because you cannot be tossed by the turbulence of everyone around you without deciding to take on those emotions. 

This practice can be applied to every area of your life. Try these steps and let me know how it works for you! <3